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Meet 7 Figure Speaker… Barbara Glanz (Part 3)

One speaking engagement led to multiple bookings and a booked international speaking calendar… Meet International Speaker Barbara Glanz, she truly has a heart of gold. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with her a few times at different speaking events. My interview with Barbara was full of great strategies for building a successful speaking […]

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Meet 7 Figure Speaker… Roxanne Emmerich (Part 2)

Imagine watching an individual from across the room receive admiration from every one that greets her.  She’s described as a brilliant mind with a front seat in the banking industry. I met Roxanne about 6 years ago at an industry event and as she nearly passed me in the hallway, I stopped her and introduced […]

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Meet this 7 figure Speaker…(part 1)

I remember it like it was yesterday, it was a cold February morning and I was in my car headed to Pennsylvania to interview for my first speaking contract. You see, I met Marjorie Brody, during an industry meeting and asked questions and made a positive impression. I’ve always been a go getter with a […]

Want Success in 2017, Complete my S’s…

    Oh boy, it’s really 2017 I have something for you to do NOW or before you get too settled into 2017… Only if you want that extra success boost, just sayin’ I have an end of year process I’ve mastered for years and I share with my clients, results of taking these actions […]

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MARQUESA’S SPEAKER MAGAZINE COLUMN… THIS MONTH’S ISSUE In this month’s issue of Speaker Magazine, Ramon Ray, Professional Speaker and Smart Hustle Magazine Creator shares how he leverages sponsors in his business.   LinkedIn Expert and Professional Speaker, Phil Gerbyshak, shares strategies for closing lucrative leads on Linkedin. See his detailed video interview – In the […]

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My Interview with a Billionaire…George Fraser

Keynote Speaker, Author & FraserNet Creator, George Fraser,  shares in Speaker Magazine, how speakers should create a movement which creates change. He walks his talk, Fraser created the FraserNet Network 30 years ago, which has produced countless opportunities for people of color. Named America’s #1 Networker by Black Enterprise Magazine! Read the digital version: http://bit.ly/speakermagCS2 […]

Listening to the Great Ones….Celebrity Speakers

As a columnist for Speaker Magazine, I decide on my content based on what I wanted to know and felt my fellow speakers also wanted to know. These are the questions I run thru my head: •    Who is already doing this? •    Who seems to be successful in this space? •    Who would I […]

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Experts share their Best Practices as Professional Speakers with Speaker Magazine

Customer Service Speaker, Donna (Bouchard) Cutting, @donnacutting, shares her tip for leveraging her time leading to more business. Here’s an in depth interview with Donna as she shares more of her great business practices! Video P1 and Video P2 Expert, Sheryl Bindelglass shares her best low-tech tip for great results! The RainMaker, Ed Robinson, shares […]

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The Day I become a Syndicated Columnist…

  How George E. Curry changed my life… It was approximately, October 2014 around 9am on a Saturday morning, I remember being so excited to mastermind with fellow accomplished speakers. You had to provide financial information which showed you earned six figures or more speaking professionally to attend. During our networking breakfast, I almost chocked […]

Should I stay comfortable? Michael, Kelly, ABC, you… let’s talk

Listen to article here: Should I stay comfortable? Michael, Kelly, ABC, you… let’s talk! You may have been following the Kelly and Michael saga that’s been national news since last week. Yes, Kelly found out that Michael Strahan her co-host for the past four years is leaving to work for GMA full time. She found […]