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Listening to the Great Ones….Celebrity Speakers

As a columnist for Speaker Magazine, I decide on my content based on what I wanted to know and felt my fellow speakers also wanted to know. These are the questions I run thru my head: •    Who is already doing this? •    Who seems to be successful in this space? •    Who would I […]

Are you serious??

I often hear entrepreneurs say they want success, clients, income, and more. But very few will do the work! I get it, programs are overwhelming, and at times leave you feeling like you have a lot to do, and you are not sure where to start. Sound familiar…. That’s why, once per year, I go […]

Are you spinning your wheels?

  I have to say after being a Speakerpreneur, Business Reinvention Expert and Business coach since 2005, I’ve seen it all. Something I’ve been anxious to speak about for some time is the subject of this blog post. Why so many people spend so much valuable time spinning their wheels. Here’s what I mean: You […]

I invest, show up, get excited, and slow results…

I hear ya! Believe it or not, this is a pain felt by so many speakerpreneurs. I recently had a conversation with a fellow speaker that shared with me his personal frustration with growing his speaking biz.  I asked if he planned to attend an upcoming conference and he said, I’m not because I don’t […]

I refuse to let you define me…

LISTEN TO THIS! Many of us travel thru life trying to fit in… come on now, you know it’s true; We want be liked, be part of the group and fit in. Its so funny as I reflect on my life starting from childhood, I was the anti- fit-in person. I refused to follow, I […]

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I want to grow my business, but…

After coaching entrepreneurs for years, I’ve heard it all. I also notice the entrepreneurs that refuse to live in “excuses hall” thrive. As the new year progresses, it’s important to make a decision to be committed to your success. Here’s a few questions to answer: •    What do I see in my business this year? […]

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A Business Growth Strategy: Attend Live Events and Follow up!

Let me break it down for you, in the last five years alone I’ve attended 20 plus Live Events and the investment wasn’t small, but I can tell you my return on investment has been out of this world! In this ezine’s feature article, I give you reasons your business will naturally EXPLODE by attending […]

Getting Inside Oprah’s head…

I came across this post on Facebook and it resonated with me. This week I complete my five part Reinvention Roadmap Series where I provided 10 steps leading to Reinvention. This video of Oprah sharing her brilliance gets at the core of the purpose of Reinvention. She shares some of the things that happen when […]

Are you SCARED of Success?

Not sure what I mean? Ask yourself the following questions… 1- Do I start projects that I do not finish? 2- Do I commit and pull out before I get too far with a goal? 3- Do I assume others must know more than me to accomplish their goals? 4- Do I hesitate when I […]