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Meet 7 Figure Speaker… Roxanne Emmerich (Part 2)


Imagine watching an individual from across the room receive admiration from every one that greets her.  She’s described as a brilliant mind with a front seat in the banking industry.

I met Roxanne about 6 years ago at an industry event and as she nearly passed me in the hallway, I stopped her and introduced myself. She was polite and interested in getting to know me. Although our conversation was short, I remember how I felt the presence of an executive without the stuffiness. I would see her year after year and follow her online to see what she up to. I even heard her speak a few times and promised myself I would attain a similar level of success and respect.

In 2016, I saw her again and this time I asked if I could interview her for my Speaker Magazine piece and she did not hesitate. She also complimented me on my work. She gave me her personal cell phone and within a couple of months we both had time on our calendar to meet virtually.

As you listen to my interview with Roxanne you will hear so many golden nuggets about building a smart business as a professional speaker. One of the golden nuggets was Roxanne explaining the importance of leveraging your expertise by sharing it multiple ways beyond the stage. Many have said in order to reach 7 figures and stay there, you have to mix it up and go deep with your problem solving services. If you just position yourself as a speaker you will not last very long.

She also shares how she decided to leave her lucrative job in favor of exploring her dream of serving others in the biggest way possible. She’s doing it, day in and day out.

I got a chance to hang out with Roxanne a couple of months ago at an elite speakers summit and enjoyed talking business strategy and life.

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