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Meet this 7 figure Speaker…(part 1)


I remember it like it was yesterday, it was a cold February morning and I was in my car headed to Pennsylvania to interview for my first speaking contract.

You see, I met Marjorie Brody, during an industry meeting and asked questions and made a positive impression.

I’ve always been a go getter with a bold personality. I learned she hired speakers (not any more), as trainers for her company.

As a newbie, I was hungry (as my good friend and mentor Les Brown says)… and I requested an audition. After a few months and lots of conversations, I was in..

So back to the day I joined the Brody business family. I was nervous, excited and overwhelmed. This was more than an audition, but a chance to work with a successful speaker and learn about her work from the inside.

After an intense audition with awesome coaching from Marjorie herself, they thanked me and said they would let me know.

I was anxious for days, then I got the news I got the contract. As they say the rest is history. I worked with Brody for a little over six months before my calendar got really busy with three other speaking contracts with seminar companies. This meant staying on the road for days at a time.

Since that time, Marjorie and I see each other at industry events at least once per year and we catch up on our lives.

In the summer of 2016, Marjorie approached me and said she was so proud of my work. She’s been watching me and she’s impressed. I smiled so big, that meant the world coming from my first professional speaking boss!

I then asked her if I could feature her in an article for Speaker Magazine and she said yes!

Marjorie, shares how she created and built a 7 figure speaking business. Enjoy

Click here for the full interview

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