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The Day I become a Syndicated Columnist…

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How George E. Curry changed my life…

It was approximately, October 2014 around 9am on a Saturday morning, I remember being so excited to mastermind with fellow accomplished speakers. You had to provide financial information which showed you earned six figures or more speaking professionally to attend.

During our networking breakfast, I almost chocked as I looked across the room and saw George E. Curry. This is the same man I saw on news programs sharing his opinions about everything. Now, in speaker circles, seeing celebrities was not unique. But, he was more than just a celebrity but a pioneer for black issues.

I found myself at a loss of words, I needed a moment to compose. Then I walked over and introduced myself and said thank you for all you do!

Then our program begins…

As professional speakers, we begin to mastermind and share best practices and strategies. Towards the end of the day, we were all asked what is a big move or dream we wanted. Everyone shared their answer, I hesitated. I’m a big dreamer by nature and many of them have come true. Finally, I had to say something or forever hold my peace. I said, “I love reality TV and I want to talk about it on a national stage!”; Of course everyone was in shock.

Then, George Curry said, are you serious? I said yes, I am. Well, then you have a place to talk about reality TV. You can write a syndicated column for me. I was speechless and terrified in the same breath. We discussed details as he dropped me off at Union Station that day, as I headed back to NYC.

I remember, being on the train thinking, can I really do this? Am I ready for this? Heck yeah, after all of my training, my time at CNN, which is what bought me to NYC in 1993. I was ready. God provided me the place via George.

Within a few months, my first column after several revisions, was published in 20 plus papers across the country. I laugh when I think, I had no idea what syndicated meant?! But, George educated me while helping me grow as a writer.

It was not easy writing every week, I was not disciplined as a writer, until George!

I remember he said my first few columns came off too professional, I needed to let my hair down and be real.
I said to him, can I really do that? He said, YES! From that day on, my real writing voice was born.

I was so inspired by George, I had to share him with more of my speaker friends. I asked him to speak at the BlackNSA conference program (via NSA) in July 2015. He was amazing and shared the wealth.

Around June of this year, I had to halt my column due to needing time off to take care of a health need. Well, this time off backed my schedule up for weeks and when I was finally able to resume, I called George in mid August and he said great. Plus, he said I have a call into the Bravo network on your behalf. I told him I would be in DC next weekend to speak and meet with a few clients, if he’d like to meet up. He said yes! He died the day we were planning to meet.

He may be gone and sorely missed but he will never be forgotten!


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