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Want Success in 2017, Complete my S’s…



Desk Calendar Representing Year Two Thousand Seventeen

Oh boy, it’s really 2017

I have something for you to do NOW or before you get too settled into 2017…

Only if you want that extra success boost, just sayin’

I have an end of year process I’ve mastered for years and I share with my clients, results of taking these actions are out of this world…

Unbelievable goal attainment – slay success level, laser focus, kicking the distractions to the corner energy, along with strong and crazy good inner strength!

Ready, here we go, my “S’s” – not just for success, leading to your next level Business Reinvention…

The Sites ’17 Reinvention
This is where I look at all of my websites (I got a lot of them) and I tweak, change, blow up, whatever is needed to ensure it’s 2017 ready. I do this with my team. Since I’m going thru a big brand upgrade, this will go on thru March, can’t wait to share this with you. Think speaker page, main site, sales site, session site, member site, every single one!

The Systems ‘17 Reinvention
I love my systems, they save me time and energy but like all machines, electronic or not, they need a tune up. What can you do to make them more efficient?Do you even need it? Systems for speakerpreneurs include lead generation systems, autoresponders, scheduling, lead magnets, member support, SEO, content management, CRM’s, social media posting systems and the list goes on! Visit mytechnologyrolodex.com and check out the systems I use.

The Social Media ‘17 Reinvention
This is where you update all of your social media profiles, biz pages, personal pages, contacts, friends, followers, etc. Your goal is to identify what you need to do to drive more results based on your social media strategy. If your strategy is getting booked more, then add more videos to your LinkedIn profile and information about your speaking topics. Upload your speaker one sheet and update your recommendations. This step makes all the difference. Start with your end goal, map out your plan, break it into pieces and do it! It’s ok to delegate, but stay in the mix to ensure it makes sense. I do a lot of business on social media sites, one of my secrets is to really focus on one solid strategy and have a presence on the others. Then break it down even more and master consistent implementation while tracking and tweaking your results.

The Support‘17 Reinvention
I’m so excited about my team, it gets better every year. I’ve grown my team organically, because I can only be supported by certain types. My secret was getting clarity on the type of support I needed and the type of person I needed in the position. I have a lot of stuff in my head and I have to share it in a big picture way, which means moving at a fast speed and expecting my team to keep up. This meant setting that expectation with my team and creating a work rapport that bought out the best in them while taking some pressure off of me. Your support does not only include your team, it should also include a business coach to keep you focused and educated. A community of like-minded folks that you can share strategies with throughout the year. A mastermind, a small, carefully chosen group of folks that you can be 100% transparent with and grow like crazy. Your family should also support you unconditionally! I also have to say, for me, I need God’s support and I’m a happy camper.

Say IT ‘17 Reinvention
I’m a huge visionary. A lot of my projects are a result of writing out my vision, selling it and making it happen. The first step is seeing it enough to map it out, get clarity on the ultimate goal and recruiting support. I use all types of tools to assist me with this step. I mind map via mind node on my Mac. I write it out in Evernote. I break it down in Basecamp with my team. I use a few different color felt tip thin markers and complete my thought process in awesome planner books for Biz and Life by Leonie, click here  to get yours, by the whole set! I also share it with my mastermind partners in order to stay accountable. One big practice that I learned from my mastermind based on the book by Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”, is to write your big goal down in a memorable way.  This means in 3 sentences or less, write out what you want and how you plan to get it and say it every single day.  I also do a private full day retreat with my business coach to outline my overall vision and how I plan to get there with her direction. I do this with my clients as their business coach.

The Seize It ‘17 Reinvention
Now, writing it down is powerful but no action means no results. This step is all about action. This is your chance to know without any hesitation what will keep you in action. What time of day is best for you to implement? How will you learn and stay educated enabling you to implement correctly. How will you plan your time to implement? I map out how I use every single day, that way I schedule in important time to do the work. One important detail, remember to schedule follow up time. I do this by creating projects and breaking down the projects into attainable pieces. I then decide what I need to delegate, timelines and any other needs to keep it moving. Be careful about having too many projects. That’s where prioritizing comes in and makes all the difference. This also helps you protect your time and say no to bright shiny objects that will suck up your time and energy. A few tools I use to support my “seize it” reinvention include, Priority Matrix (an app and an online tool), the Leonie daily weekly-monthly planner, a project book (I need to write it out), a big year at a glance wall calendar (this is part of Leone’s kit), and I maximize my smart phone 24-7!

The Sales ‘17 Reinvention
You cannot forget about sales, this is your money, this is what keeps you in business, living your purpose! Get clarity around how you will earn your money by breaking it down monthly. This information will help you plan your time for the year and not get overwhelmed. I teach my clients to choose their time off, marketing time, implementation time, serving time, writing the book time, all based on this! If you skip this part you will find yourself struggling and losing your motivation. So keep on top of how you earn your income. When I create signature systems for my clients, we identify their income streams, steps and habits. This is also a chance to set a SMART but big income goal.

As I said at the beginning, doing all of this NOW thru the beginning of 2017, will set you up for bodacious success, I’m telling ya!
Please comment on my blog and let me know how these steps helped you.

One more thing, don’t forget this one…

Self-Care ‘17 Reinvention
I worked extra hard like never before on this one in 2016 and I’m nearly 50 pounds down. I’m the healthiest I’ve been in more than a decade!
Whew! This also means addressing your spiritual needs, nurturing your relationships and trusting in someone bigger than you.

Ok, now, print this out and make me proud!

If you would like my support this year, go to www.SpeakerBlueprint.com and book a strategy session and let’s talk about getting you to the next level for 2017! 



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